Would bigger ad spend and growth team help your start-up grow?

Birch Venture growth funding offers:

  • Risk free funding up to 70 k€ (max 15% dilution) 
  • Focus on growth or product market fit development
  • Get your own growth team for up to 2 years
  • Option to pay back if results not met

Birch Venture investments

Pre-seed funding for startups who want to grow fast!

If your company wants to achieve high growth, here is why you should get in touch with Birch Venture:

  • We have dozens of growth success cases
  • 100 % of our funding goes directly toward customer acquisition
  • Expertise in scalable and high margin business models such as SaaS, subscription and licensing
  • Simple, transparent & fast investment process to grow quickly

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Birch Venture Growth fund Benefits

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