Meet our expert growth team supporting Finnish start ups

Focus on growth

Birch Venture provides digital sales funding and expertise for scalable start-ups. 

We help start-ups to prove they have reached product market fit and to scale their digital sales.

Mika Heikinheimo

Birch Venture &Digital Boost 360

Mika has been driving growth since 1997. He is the founder of Birch Venture and Digital Boost 360

Wihtori Torkkeli

Digital Boost 360

All-round growth pro interested in SaaS cases. Ask him for his legendary 1000% yearly growth webinar…

Wil Reidie

Digital Boost 360

A/B testing, optimization and English language content creation wizard. Also enjoys practicing his Finnish.

Maiju Hovinen

Digital Boost 360

Senior growth professional who has many successful service and software growth cases to her name.

Taulant Dauti

Digital Boost 360

Really enjoys using his interest in data and working on cases that are focussed on improving work life. 

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