Birch Venture invests in worksite photo-documentation solution Pictue

Birch Venture has taken part in the pre-seed round of photo-documentation app Pictue, along with several other early investors. Birch Venture uses a unique digital customer acquisition funding model, which means the entire investment will be used for either advertising spend or in growth team expenses.  

Pictue provides a SaaS photo documentation solution for use in the construction work domain. Reliable and secure documentation of construction work in picture form is vital in this domain for invoicing, QA and project management, with subcontractors often requiring such documentation years after work has finished. “Visual evidence of completed work needs to be saved easily since construction workers are often wearing gloves or carry items. This is why Pictue requires just 3 button clicks to record and automatically archive images securely,” says Pictue CEO Kasper Välimäki. 

Birch Venture has invested in the case for many reasons. Firstly, we believe in the team which we have seen in action having been a customer of our partner company, Digital Boost 360, since the beginning of the year. Furthermore, the global expansion of optical fiber connections has quickly boosted the need for construction work across many countries and makes this fast growing domain very interesting. 

“Birch Venture model investment takes place in 2 phases and the first growth phase has already begun. The Pictue solution meanwhile gets new improvements and features consistently and its team is expanding rapidly.  Naturally digital customer acquisition funding is provided for expansion but at this phase it is very important to get feedback about the solution from Pictue’s happy customers ,” says Birch venture founding partner Mika Heikinheimo. 

For more information: 

Kasper Välimäki 

Mika Heikinheimo 

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