Meet with us at Slush Helsinki 2023 and get free digital sales analysis

(C) Petri Anttila

Helsinki’s Slush event has become an annual hub for innovation, bringing together the brightest minds in the start-up world. This year, Birch Venture is excited to announce that everyone who meets with us at Slush Helsinki 2023 will be eligible for a free digital sales analysis. 

Keep reading to find out more about how to connect with us at Slush Helsinki. 

Who We Are 

Birch Venture is not your typical start-up fund. We are driven by a passion for innovation and a mission to help talented entrepreneurs and their ideas grow. With a team of experienced professionals and a history of successful investments, we’re here to provide the guidance and funds you need to grow into a thriving business. 

What does a digital sales capability analysis do for you? 

Our partner Digital Boost 360 are experts in analysing B2B and start-up websites and digital sales funnels. 

Some of the vital digital sales aspects analysed will include: 

  • Your customer sales funnel 
  • Ability to generate leads 
  • Rating of your CTAs, buttons and landing pages 
  • Your value proposition 

With your digital sales capability analysed by Birch Venture and Digital Boost 360, you will have a better idea of how to improve the efficiency of your sales funnel. Best of all, it’s entirely free. Just our way of connecting with great start ups at Slush this year. 

So click here to complete our short questionnaire to see if we are a match to meet at Slush. 

Why You Should Meet Us 

  1. An exciting investment opportunity focused on growth:  

Birch Venture is actively seeking start-up companies to invest in through our unique growth funding model. Our focus areas include B2b, SaaS, subscription companies, and more. The other important thing is you are looking to grow. If your start-up aligns with that, we’re ready to discuss potential investments. 

  1. Expert Guidance in growth:  

Beyond funding, we work alongside Digital Boost 360 to provide valuable expertise to help your start-up company grow using new and proven digital sales and marketing strategies.  

  1. No risk free advice:  

Slush Helsinki is all about networking, and we’re excited to connect with you! That’s why everyone we meet who qualifies as a potential investment receives a free digital sales analysis. Even if our conversation doesn’t lead to investment, you can still benefit from getting in touch with us. 

Find Us at Slush Helsinki 

The Slush matchmaking tool is already live so be sure to check it out fast to connect with Birch Venture so you don’t end up missing out at the event. If you’re a start-up founder seeking funding and passionate about growing your business, Birch Venture is ready to connect. 

Rest assured, if we can’t meet at Slush, you can always get in touch through the website. And if you are ready to see if you qualify for our funding, start the journey by taking our quick test here

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